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Plexiglass Designer Surface

PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss is used for store fixtures and exhibition booths, in kitchens and bathrooms,and wherever a brilliant material is required for a brilliant presentation.

Next to PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss, all other materials look dull and lackluster.  In just one step, the surface of the PLEXIGLAS® core is upgraded with a layer of high-gloss PLEXIGLAS®. This adds sparkling touches to all your applications.

PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® is an extremely versatile material for creative interiors and special lighting designs, which combines elegance with functionality. With its velvety surface, it can add striking touches or exude low-key elegance.

At the same time, PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® offers the same excellent properties as all grades of PLEXIGLAS®; qualities such as good formability, low weight and superior mar resistance that have proved their worth for decades in a large number of applications.

PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® owes its outstanding appearance to the special matte satin surface. But this surface does more than just look good. PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® provides elegant and subdued lighting effects or eye-catching touches, like those in demand for advertising purposes.

The excellent properties of PLEXIGLAS SATINICE® come to the fore especially in decorative interior designs.