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Western Australia’s Leading Supplier of Decorative Architectural Finishes

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That Metal Company has a stylish collection of liquid metal and metal sheet designs.

Many of That Metal Company’s,  metal sheet designs are created by deeply brushing, aging, and adding patinas by hand and machine. These designs are unique works of art, many created with a manufacturing consistency to ensure repeatability.

Atlam works with That Metal Company in Western Australia with both thedecorative sheet metal laminates and designs. These metals are some of the best metal designs the world over.

The entire metal range adds up to what we consider the most expansive collection of bronze, brass, copper, zinc and aluminium for interiors and exteriors that you’ll find anywhere.

That Metal Company is owned and operated privately in Australia.

303 Aged Copper

305 Antique Brushed Brass Dark

310 Antique Brushed

314 Mayan

315 Canterbury

317 Aurora

325 Statuary

337 Aged Brass

338 Aged Brass Dark

340 Monet

357 Zinc Aluminium

600 Weathered Aluminum

601 Deep Bronze Aluminum

606 Blackened Aluminum

607 Core Aluminum

608 Gotham Aluminium

609 Gilt Aluminium

610 Khaleesi Aluminum

613 Ember Aluminium

614 Beowulf Aluminium

620 Civilisation Aluminium

621 Fugue Aluminium

622 Moon Patrol Aluminium

623 Empire Aluminium

624 Protodynastic Aluminium

625 Existential Aluminium

801 Polished Chrome

802 Satin Chrome

803 Polished Solid Brass

804 Satin Solid Brass

812 Satin Smoked Chrome

814 Satin Golden Bronze

901 D Polished Clear Dome

901 Polished Aluminium

901 T Polished Clear Triangles

902 Brushed Aluminium

903 D Polished Brass Dome

903 Polished Brass Aluminium

903 T Polished Brass Triangles

904 Brushed Light Brass Aluminium

906 Brushed Copper Aluminium

908 Satin Black Aluminium

909 Satin Silver Aluminium

910 Satin Gold Aluminium

911 Polished Smoked Aluminium

912 Satin Bronze Aluminium

915 Brushed Brass Aluminium

916 Brushed Pewter Aluminium

917 Brushed Black Aluminium

924 Bronze Stainless Steel

925 Brushed Medium Bronze

931 Brushed Golden Aluminium

933 Rose Gold Aluminium

934 Light Bronze Aluminium

935 Dark Bronze Aluminium

936 Champagne Brass Aluminium

937 Antique Copper Aluminium

943 D Polished Bronze Dome

943 Polished Bronze Aluminium

943 T Polished Bronze Triangles

944 Glowing Bronze Aluminium

950 Brushed Blued Aluminium

Western Australia’s Leading Supplier of Decorative Architectural Finishes

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